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ACA Connect Posts and Ethics Considerations

Due to the potential violation of both the ACA Code of Ethics and federal (HIPAA) law, case consultation is not allowed on ACA Connect. It is not permissible to present aspects of a case on a counseling listserv or online forum even if the client’s name is not given. Information shared by a client and clinical impressions must be afforded the same level of confidentiality as the name of the client. Describing a client’s presenting problem, diagnosis, or clinical treatment approach through listservs or online forums – even if the client’s name is not given – is a violation of confidentiality. It is perfectly fine to talk about issues (e.g. asking, “Does anyone have any resources on eating disorders in male wrestlers?” or, “Does anyone have a referral to a specialist in PTSD in the Boston area?”), but please ensure that you phrase your post in a manner that does not describe an actual client.