Billing Codes

Billing Codes
Does anyone know what billing code needs to be used for sessions that exceed one hour?  Have EMDR client that sessions have run 3 hours.  Insurance pays for only one hour, even when I bill for 3 one hour units, stating that this requires a different code (3 hours, not EMDR).

Although they require a different code they state they are not able to discuss codes with me and suggested that I ask colleagues.

Has anyone run into this type situation and if so any advice? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!  ~  Jan Mann  
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Elizabeth C.A. Lahren September 07, 2014 1:58 am
Hi Jan,
I looked into that also. I found that insurance will only pay for one hour UNLESS it was due to an emergency, for example, IN the emergency room, trauma patient, ect.. Since you're spending 3 hours with the client in your office, the rest of the clinical hours must be paid for by the client.