"creative assesssments"

"creative assesssments"
I responded directly to Stefanie regarding tools to use for assessments.  However, I thought there might be others out there with the same question.  I am not aware of any general assessment tool.  "Tests" or instruments are designed to glean certain types of information and data.  There are however, a number of instruments that may be utilized to get you the information you need for treatment planning and therapy.  The following are some of those that I use in my clinical practice:  Personality Assessment Inventory (PAS), MMPI-2, MMPI-A, Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory- 3rd Edition (SASSI-3), SASSI-A for adolescents, Shipley Institute of Living Scale (SILS), State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory (STAXI-2).  There also a "Clinical Assessment ..." series available.  These of course, are dependent on your level of knowledge, experience, and training in diagnostics.  With the exception of MMPI's most of these take about 15-20 minutes to complete.  You can also utilize the Quality of Life Inventory (QOLI).  Sources for assessments PAR, Pearson, MHS. If you go to ACA, APA, AMCHA, or other national conventions others also are available.  There are other instruments that I utilize, but these are the most common.  Feel free to contact me regarding these, I'll be happy answer any questions. 

Dr. Michael Swafford, Psy.D., LPC
Edmond, Oklahoma
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