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    Michael L. Rockel

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    John F. Burik, II

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    William M. Carpenter III, Ph.D

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    Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    Hello Everyone: Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a unique therapeutic tool that facilitates clients' experiencing PTSD, anxiety and depression issues, and other common psychological disorders that counselors are called upon to address in their profession...

  • James Michael Reeder

    RE: Interest Group for non-CACREP Graduates?

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    Kenneth, You might end up on a sinking island. Currently the majority of professional counselors are on that island, so there is much hope still. ACA founded CACREP, and then stepped away so that they now claim some distance. The past ACA...

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    Counseling for non-epileptic or non-medical sei...

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    I would like to hear from peers who have treated clients diagnosed by neurologists with non-epileptic seizures or non-medical seizures using CBT in particular, as that was the recommendation of the neurologists. I'm open to strategies from other theoretical...


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Connie Miller

Hanny in Indonesia

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