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    John F. Burik, II

    Lindsey Wilson College
    Cincinnati, OH

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    James Michael Reeder

    Hygeia Counseling Services
    Catonsville, MD

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  3. Linda Kline-Lau
    Linda Kline-Lau

    Life Christian Counseling
    Fairfax Station, VA

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  • John F. Burik, II

    RE: Interest Group for non-CACREP Graduates?

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    Lindsey, You're probably aware: Licensing is a state matter, and that means 50 sets of laws and rules. I'm happy to be corrected, but I know of no states that offer automatic reciprocity. Several states where I've checked, will license you by...

  • Tracey Williams LPC, M.A.

    RE: Mandated Treatment

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    Lisa, I don't know if you are even still interested in this question since it was back in January. However, I'm new to ACA and looking at any discussions pertaining to college counseling. I think there's a happy medium on the mandated counseling....

  • photo not available

    RE: Interest Group for non-CACREP Graduates?

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    I just started my 2nd year on my Masters in Professional Counseling. I am currently working on a 60 credit hour program at a non-CACREP accredited school. I am very concerned about what is happening and am willing to join and support this group.


Connie Miller

Hanny in Indonesia

Posted in: ACA Open Forum

Bradley Cady

Bradley Cady