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    Daniel S. Testa

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    RE:Marriage book for partners with significant age...

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    This is an important topic on many fronts. Another area is differences in career/retirement stages between the couple. One partner is career building and the other is wrapping up their career. How this impacts their time together outside of work...

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    RE:Practicing as a LAPC in group/private settin...

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    When I was provisionally licensed, I rented space by the hour ($15/hr) and paid a very reasonable rate for my on-site supervision. In MO, and I suppose in most states, one cannot be paid directly during provisional licensure, so all money I received...

  • Melissa Perrino

    Hiring another clinician for my practice?

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    My solo private practice has been taking off very quickly. Seems like there is a lot of need for counseling services in my area and I currently have a wait list. I have been approached by someone who would like to work for me. I never had any intention...


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