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    Christie L. Lum

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    RE:Charting with laptop in session

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    I understand your concern but surprisingly it works well. It can be viewed by the client it is very important what they've conveyed and you want to be sure to capture it while it's fresh and the dialog can be confirming and then type. The questions...

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    Available Office Space

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    Conformable office space available in a professional environment conducive for compassion client care. Located on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. Attractive and well maintained building that's accessible to clients who use public transportation....

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    RE: Counseling Court-involved Adolescents

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    I am also an intern in a similar setting. My court-ordered clients can be difficult. I have found games like Uno can help break down the wall and foster rapport. I also leave my office and take walks with them (all approved by my supervisor &...


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