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    John F. Burik, II

    Lindsey Wilson College
    Cincinnati, OH

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    James Michael Reeder

    Hygeia Counseling Services
    Catonsville, MD

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    Teresa Jacobson

    LifePoint Solutions, a division of Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services
    Hebron, KY

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    Office space available for rent

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    Two offices available in a 5 office space condo in the Executive Churchill office complex in Germantown, MD. Three offices are being used by psychotherapists. All the utilities (WIFI) water delivery and cleaning service and office supplies included...

  • James Michael Reeder

    RE: Tricare accepting LPC's..... How does one...

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    Dawn -- If you are a sole proprietor, your tax ID number is either your social security number or your EIN number. If you are a business entity of some type, its your EIN or TIN number. It's recommended that you get a free EIN number (available...

  • Dawn M. Gaden

    RE: Tricare accepting LPC's..... How does one...

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    I am at the beginning stages of this pursuit of being a provider! Interesting I must say! I have an NPI number, but I get caught up when I am asked, on these applications, for a tax ID number. How do I get that? I am a Licensed Professional Counselor...


Connie Miller

Hanny in Indonesia

Posted in: ACA Open Forum

Bradley Cady

Bradley Cady