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    James Michael Reeder

    Hygeia Counseling Services
    Catonsville, MD

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    Debra L. Row

    Redmond, OR

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    Jo-Ann Marks

    Arizona Counselors Association
    Tucson, AZ

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    loss of guardianship

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    Hi All, I am having trouble finding resources geared towards children (middle childhood) in which one parent has lost guardianship. This situation is: parent (who lost guardianship) has the child for 8 hours/one day a week (unsupervised) and...

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    International Counseling Projects

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    Good morning! I am a counseling student graduating December 2014. I will become a registered intern for January 2014 in Florida. I wanted to participate in any Play Therapy, specifically art projects abroad that may be doing research on its effects...

  • John Chime

    QTT Coding

    Posted in: ACA Open Forum

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if the QTT designation can be used for CTs and if it is only acceptable for billing to insurance companies under Medicaid or if other insurance companies cover it for private practice clients who are not Medicaid? ...


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Sylvester Kent Butler, Ph.D