Still not convinced ACA Connect is worth your time? Don’t take our word for it. Check out what your peers had to say…  


“I've used it specifically to learn more about private practice business models as well as therapeutic approaches.” Kambria Kennedy, MS, LPC, LCDC, RYT


“The most important thing in our work, and life in general, is the connections we make with others. ACA Connect offers important professional connections to people, ideas, information, and inspiration.”  Jill Nelson, MS, LCPC


“Sometimes something will happen in my practice or with a client that will put my thoughts in ‘muse’ mode. It is at times like these that I enjoy ACA Connect because I often put my musings online just to see what my colleagues have to say.” Michael Rockel, LMHC


“My mornings start with the same routine: check email and read through my ACA Connect digest email. As a counselor educator and LPC, it's my responsibility to stay current on counseling trends and issues.” Chris McNaught, LPC-S


“My ability to engage with all of our members and leadership teams via ACA Connect in order to view societal needs through a global lens, share opportunities, and work collaboratively is invaluable!” Chris Roseman, PhD, LPCC


"I use it to join with my colleagues on projects, to gather timely information, and to stay connected on issues related to my specialization area of addiction counseling. It is a great professional resource, I’d be lost without it!”  Christine Chasek, LIMHP, LADC, LPC


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