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Celebrating a small goals in writing career

Working as a writer can be a very stressful career. This is because you don’t always know where the next dollar is coming from or how a project will pan out. This uncertainty adds a great deal of pressure that can also affect your work. This is because writing, unless some other career choices, requires you to be able to think clearly and positively in order to write properly. If you find it difficult to start writing, you can use the cheap essay service.

Stay motivated

This is why one of the most important things you can learn about being a writer is how to celebrate your small goals. If you’re not making small, obtainable goals, then your first step is to correct this. While having large goals is important, it is equally necessary to have smaller goals that you can more easily reach so that you can see the progress that you are making on a regular basis.

It is this progress that keeps you motivated and keeps you going as a writer. Since writers need to be self-disciplined, it’s often necessary to take this motivation wherever you can get it. Your small goals may include monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly goals and it’s important that you find ways to celebrate this.

Set a weekly goals

For example, if you reach your weekly writing goals, you might celebrate with a date with your partner or a trip to the movies. You may buy that cute new purse you’ve been looking at before it goes out of season and leaves the store for good. Or maybe you want to pack up the kids and go to an amusement park. Whatever fits into your budget and schedule and is something that you consider to be a fun reward will qualify.

Set a daily goals

You might reward daily goals met by taking an early lunch or splurging and having your favorite meal for lunch, regardless of any diets you may be on. It could also mean cutting the work day short and spending some quiet time in the garden or curled up reading a good book. Or maybe you want to veg out with some video games or take the four-wheeler muddin’ in the hills. Again, it’s all about what works for you and celebrating these small victories and accomplishments make it all worthwhile.

In conclusion

When you have to be your own taskmaster, it’s often easy to forget to give yourself a pat on the back now and then. Celebrating the small goals in your writing career will help you continue to set and reach new goals and strive for bigger and better things all the time.

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